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    Extreme Pod

    The vision behind the Extreme Pod was to take a lifetime of extreme western mountain hunting experience and condense it down to create the most efficient and versatile long range shooting platform ever created.  Our willingness to redefine the bipod industry has resulted in the creation of the Extreme Pod. The Extreme Pod is built upon revolutionary ball and socket technology that gives the shooter 360 degree pan availability.  In addition, telescoping carbon fiber legs and  a new textured round twist lock leg adjustment gives the shooter infinite rotational adjustability.

    Extreme Pod Gen 2. is centered on the proven foundation of our first generation pod but with enhancements influenced by years of field use and customer feedback.

    New features include:

    • Redesigned lock handle for more leverage and faster lock up
    • Textured twist locks in new round design for better ergonomics when conditions are at their worst
    • Claw feet standard
    • Tungsten gray finish
    • Low profile body for sleeker mounting that rests closer to the riflestock

    Extreme Rear Support System

    The Extreme Pod Bipod the first half of the most effective, lightweight, diverse shooting system. Determined to stay in the lead of originality, the crew at Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear put their heads together to solve the final phase of a long range hunters shooting platform dilemma, the rear rest.

    Until now wobbly elbows, heavy sand bags, and rolled up coats have been an accepted solution of supporting the rear portion of the rifle. The day has come that we can say goodbye to these sloppy techniques and rely on true American made mechanical advantage. We are proud to present the

    “Extreme Rear Support System – E.R.S.S”

    Extreme Pod
    Extreme Pod
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    Bipod Picatinny Rail Mount

    The Extreme Pod Bipod requires an industry standard picatinny rail, as a fastening point.  As a means of improving our customer’s experience, Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear now offers its own picatinny rail mounting system. Each Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear Picatinny Mount comes with a generic hardware kit.


    Extreme Pod Leg Extensions

    Extend your bipod 17″

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